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Companies in Free Car Or Get Paid to Drive Programs

When you decide to join the free car or get to paid programs, you may spend much time and efforts in finding the reputable sites or companies which offer these programs. Actually, if you do lots of research, you will find there are many companies involved in these advertising programs. Here I will list some companies will pay you to drive your car with their advertisements.

Free Car Index - A database of sponsor companies that pay people to drive cars with advertisements on them - with immediate online access to the database. The companies in the directory, collectively, have over 100,000 new vehicles wrapped in advertisements that are ready to be driven. The directory applies to residents of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Australia. This company has a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

The Free Car - This site offers a great "Car Finder" that allows you to see if there are advertisers in your area before you buy the service. There is an online application process to shorten the procedure. They also have a money-back guarantee and nice free bonus product ads.

Free car Company - This Company provides good information about their program, explanation of how it works, testimonials from customers, and a Frequently Asked Questions page. They also include pictures of cars that have wrapped with advertising decals.

For free cars - This company is a little slim on details but provides a tool to find out if there are advertisers in your area, as well as a nice Frequently Asked Questions section. They also offer a couple of bonuses to subscribers wrapped.


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People all over the world are being given free cars to drive, and they no longer have to worry about making a car payment! By  simply driving these cars the way they ordinarily would, they are also making up to $5,000 per month!


Money Back Guarantee

If you are willing to drive a new car with an advertisement on it to your job, the grocery store, school, etc., there are a vast amount of companies looking to give you a FREE car - GUARANTEED. This is an ideal way  for anyone to earn some additional income!The average waiting period to get an ADs contract is 1 month.If you can't take advantage of our information in 2 months, you can cancel your membership, and get 100% money back without questions asked. We are the only confident company offering money back guarantee in this business.

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